Getting Started with Example Blueprint Projects

The NDI IO Plugin install folder contains an example Unreal project containing maps for common use cases like creating NDI output streams of the Unreal viewport and showing NDI input on a texture within an Unreal map.

The example projects are C++ Unreal Engine projects, so you will need Visual Studio 2019 installed on your system (the Community Edition can be downloaded for free on the Microsoft website). It is recommended that you copy the NDIExamples folder from the NDI SDK for Unreal installation directory to a folder of your choosing.

Double-click on the NDIExamples.uproject file in the NDIExamples folder to open the project in Unreal Engine.

You can switch between Unreal Engine versions by right-clicking on the NDIExamples.uproject file and selecting the Switch Unreal Engine version… entry from the context menu.

Afterward, you may load any example map from the Maps folder in the Unreal Content Browser.

To open and experiment with NDI Blueprint setups, navigate to the Game Controller Blueprints in the Blueprints/Controllers”folder using the Unreal Content Browser.

Some Blueprints require editing NDI stream names for a specific stream to be shown in the map (for example, in the BP_SampleInputController).

In such cases, select the Stream Name Blueprints node, and edit the Default Value to reflect the input NDI stream you would like to show.

Please consult the next section regarding using the NDI Blueprints nodes to set up such Blueprints from scratch.

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