You may use this SDK in accordance with its License Agreement, which is available for review in the root level of the SDK folder. Your use of any part of the SDK for any purpose is an acknowledgment that you agree to these license terms. For distribution, you must implement this SDK within your applications respecting the following requirements:

  • You may use the NDI library within free or commercial Products (as defined by the License) created using this SDK without paying any license fees.

  • Your application must provide a link to in a location close to all locations where NDI is used/selected within the product, on your website, and in its documentation. This link will point to a landing page that provides information about NDI and access to the tools we provide, along with updates and news.

  • You may not distribute the NDI tools; if you wish to make these accessible to your users, you may provide a link to

  • NDI is a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB and should be used only with the ® as follows: NDI®, along with the statement “NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB” located on the same page near the mark where it is first used, or at the bottom of the page in footnotes. You are required to use the registered trademark designation only on the first use of the word NDI within a single document.

  • Your application’s About Box and any other locations where trademark attribution is provided should also specifically indicate that “NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB”. If you have questions, please do let us know.

Note that if you wish to use “NDI” within the name of your product, then you should carefully read the NDI Brand Guidelines or reach out to the NDI team.

  • You should include the NDI DLLs as part of your own application and keep them in your application folders so that there is no chance that NDI DLLs installed by your application might conflict with other applications on the system that also use NDI. Please do not install your NDI DLLs into the system path for this reason. If you are distributing the NDI DLLs, you need to ensure that your application complies with the License Agreement, this section, and the license terms outlined in “3rd party rights” towards the end of this manual.

  • If you are using the FREE NDI SDK on Android, then you may build products for mobile devices that may be sold on the online Android stores; for other uses, please email

  • To use the Advanced SDK in a commercial product or environment, you should contact to receive a vendor ID for your company.

We are very interested in how our technology is being used and would like to maintain a full list of applications using NDI technology. Please let us know about your commercial application (or an interesting non-commercial one) using NDI by reaching out to the NDI team. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our goal is to provide you with this technology and encourage its use while ensuring that both end-users and developers enjoy a consistent high-quality experience.

Because AAC, H.264, and H.265 are formats that potentially are not license-free, it is your responsibility to ensure that these are correctly licensed for your product if you are using these with this SDK.

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