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The Program

The road to interoperability​

The number of NDI-compatible devices grows each day. While it would be ideal to claim they all work cohesively, this is not always the case. The expanding array of devices and applications entering the scene naturally introduces more complexity and often prioritizes functionalities over compatibility.​

This context is precisely where device certification steps in. Certification is our answer to interoperability within the dynamic, ever-growing NDI ecosystem of devices, applications, and workflows.

The NDI Certified program is an exclusive benefit of the NDI Advanced license.

The user-centered value of certification​

When the end user buys an NDI Certified product, they are assured that the product you are selling will work according to the specifications NDI and our Licensees claim. ​

Some products in the market claim to be NDI-enabled but fall short of their claims. We want you to be successful, and as our Licensee, we will make further developments to increase your legitimacy as an NDI-enabled brand. ​

Visit our NDI Certified page to learn more about the program, explore our Product Finder, and apply for certification.

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