Why can’t HX Capture display the full resolution of my iPad or iPhone?

HX Capture can capture the full frame rate of the device that's sending video and up to 4K content, but it won't display the native resolution when viewed on an NDI receiver. This is due to an iOS limitation that sets the max resolution of either the X or Y axis to 1920, and scales the other axis accordingly. If the device can't scale equally to 1920 on either axis, iOS will automatically reduce the output resolution to a scale that is about 1:1 of it's original native resolution. For example: an iPad Pro 11th Gen has a native resolution of 2388x1668, however when displayed over NDI it will actually be 1280x960. The same will be true of capturing screen footage using iOS' built-in screen recorder function- the resolution will be reduced as both the broadcast feature and the screen recording feature use the same function in the background.

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