How to Activate Panasonic Cameras for NDI HX1 โ€” Step-by-Step

Sometimes, a Panasonic PTZ camera has an NDI HX license enabled but cannot be activated through Studio Monitor. In these instances, download and install a utility from Panasonic called EZ IP + and follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the NDI Tools pack for Windows at

  2. Download the EZ IP+ software from Panasonic from here

  3. Purchase the Panasonic upgrade from for the camera from here. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

    1. If you have purchased a license already, you don't need to do so again

    2. You may have been given a coupon code to redeem, instead of a license. A camera license will start with the letters PN and be a 15- character alphanumeric number such as PNABC123456789 A coupon code will be in the form of CCIP-ABSC-1234

    3. If you have a serial number, proceed to step 4

    4. If you have a coupon code, you must purchase a license from the store in step 3, and use the coupon code as a form of payment.

  4. Use the Panasonic EZ IP+ software to find your camera on the network

  5. When prompted, enter your serial number, NOT your coupon code

  6. Congratulations- your camera is now activated.

Please note: Some cameras may require you to to enable NDI first going into their UI and selecting the Video IP method as NDI. Also, some cameras may require a firmware upgrade first that must be installed prior to these steps.

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