How do I enabled NDI in “New” Microsoft Teams (Windows only)?

From January 2024, Microsoft has been offering a "new" version of Microsoft Teams (Version: 23335.232.2637.4844, Client version: 49/23113028724). Upon enabling it, NDI outputs will not be enabled anymore at default. To re-enable NDI outputs, you must now download some additional files:

  1. Within New Teams, navigate to Settings, then App Permissions. Click the download link to install the necessary NDI files from Microsoft

  1. Run the Program that is downloaded (ndi-win-x64_vs2022-crtdynamic-release.msix)

  1. Once it's installed, enable NDI in the App Permissions

  1. Now, when a call is made and connected, NDI will need to be enabled on a per-call basis. During the call, navigate to More, then Streaming, then Broadcast over NDI

  1. The NDI Feed can now be pulled up on any capable NDI receiver.

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