1. Check for interoperability first. It must pass all requirements. As it does not output a signal, it must instead be able to receive an NDI signal from a device running on the current SDK version.

  2. Make sure the device is tested with NDI HX2 and NDI High Bandwidth signal

  3. Make sure the device is tested with Unicast and Multicast devices

  4. Run ScreenCapture and capture the high refresh rate monitor

  5. Run the testing application again and connect it to the NDI-enabled camera. Let it run for 3 minutes and get an average of latency. Keep that number somewhere

  6. Connect the decoder and have it pull the Screen Capture NDI feed of the testing application, then output it via HDMI

  7. Point the camera at the monitor and connect the testing application to the camera

  8. Run the test again for 3 minutes; the latency should be much higher than your first test

  9. Subtract the latency average in steps 5 and 6 from the higher number to get the decoder's latency

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