Detailed process

  1. Customer requests certification

Customer requests certification through Sales, , or Technical Account Manager. Note that only NDI Advanced licensees are eligible for the NDI Certified program.

  1. Device meets requirements

Customer works with FAE to get equipment passed on their end, including meeting technical requirements for the type of certification requested

  1. Device is sent for certification

The device is sent in for certification testing once it passes on the customer side. The FAE must ensure the following:

  • A new ticket dedicated to certification is issued in the ticketing system

  • The customer sends the unit to the NDI regional office, attn certification team/certification manager

  • The unit is sent in with an operating manual

  • The customer provides the necessary promo images and description

  • The customer provides the tracking number

  • The customer understands the unit will be held with NDI for at least a year

  • The certification team/certification manager is aware of the incoming unit

  • FAE specifies the type of certification it is coming in for

  1. Device is received

The NDI certification team receives the equipment.

  1. Ticket is closed

FAE ticket is closed, and a feedback survey is sent.

  1. A new case is opened

A new case is opened and sent to the customer(s) specifically about certification. One new case will be opened per device.

  1. Licensee is notified

The certification team emails the customer to let them know the equipment has been received. The expected turnaround time depends upon the unit received, but it is usually within 2-3 weeks of receiving the equipment.

  1. Device enters the testing pipeline

The tester receives equipment and puts it on their bench in order of equipment received.

  1. Licensee is notified

The tester informs the licensee that the equipment is on the bench.

  1. Device is tested

The tester follows the testing process and checks for:

  • Interoperability

  • Functionality

  • Branding and Marketing requirements

  • Technical requirements (as applicable). When running a timed test, it should run for at least 3 minutes

  1. Device passes testing

The licensee is emailed a branding package if the device passes all testing.

  1. Tested device is stored

The unit is sent to long-term storage; if the licensee requests it, it is returned to them. In that case, a shipping label must be provided.

  1. Device gets updated certification

The unit gets recertified on year later with the most current update on its firmware.

If the unit is not approved

  1. The certification team emails the customer and CC’s FAE about what failed.

  2. The certification team works with the customer and FAE to get the unit passed.

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