NDI Plugin Installation

The NDI Runtime is not included with this plugin. To work properly with Unreal Engine, the NDI IO Plugin requires the NDI 5.x Runtime to be installed on the host system. Please visit this page to download the latest SDK).

The NDI IO Plugin install folder includes pre-built versions of the plugin. These can be installed in one of two locations:

  • Your Unreal Engine project

  • Your Unreal Engine install folder

In either case, you must copy the NDIIOPlugin folder to the correct destination, as described in one of the following sections.

Installing Your Unreal Engine Project

Use this install option to make the plugin available selectively (on a project-by-project basis).

  • Copy the NDIIOPlugin folder from the package matching your preferred Unreal Engine version.

  • Paste this folder into your Unreal Engine project's Plugins folder. (If your Unreal Engine Project does not have a “Plugins” folder yet, please create a folder with that name).

After re-starting your Unreal Engine project, the NDI IO Plugin should appear in your Project’s Plugins settings as activated.

Installing To the Unreal Engine Install Folder

Alternatively, use this install procedure to make the NDI IO Plugin available to all Unreal Engine projects on your system.

  • Copy the NDIIOPlugin folder from the package corresponding to your Unreal Engine version.

  • Paste that NDIIOPlugin folder into the Plugins folder of your Unreal Engine install (e.g., the Unreal Engine 5.3 “Plugins” folder is usually located at C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.3\Engine.

With your project’s editor open, use the file menu item Edit -> Plugins to make sure that the NDI IO Plugin is enabled. Restart the editor as necessary. To learn about using the plugin within your application, read Using the NDI Blueprints Nodes.

Compile From Source

The plugin’s full source code is distributed within each version-specific NDIIOPlugin folder, as well as in the NDIExamples folder. Advanced users with Microsoft Visual Studio installed on their system can compile the plugin directly from the source code.

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