This documentation refers to the NDI SDK, which is open to use and explore, and available only for software. If you're looking to integrate the full features and potential of our connectivity tech into both software and hardware, including support for our most advanced codecs, and maximum personalization of all connection settings, you should request NDI Advanced.

This documentation is paramount for developers and integrators seeking to consistently embed the full potential of NDI technology into their products.

This comprehensive guide aims to provide a clear roadmap to understanding and implementing NDI within your applications, systems, and workflows. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to NDI, it will empower you to seamlessly leverage the capabilities of NDI, enabling your products to seamlessly connect with other NDI-enabled products and transmit high-quality, low-latency video and audio over IP networks.

From setup and configuration to advanced usage scenarios, this SDK documentation is your go-to resource to unlock our connectivity tech, facilitating innovation and efficiency across a broad spectrum of applications.

This documentation is continuously updated to match the most recent version of our Core Technology. Currently, we are offering NDI 6. You can check the most meaningful updates in our change log.

Read our White Paper if you'd like to know more about the vision of NDI and our technology's fundamental features, protocols, and settings.

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